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Re: [[IPr] Books]

Hi Sammie,

Thank you for the suggestion for inspirational books. I love to read but since
I am legally blind I get the large print editions and books on tape from the
library of congress. I wrote down the title and author of the peaceful warrior
book and look forward to reading/listening to it. Since I am disabled I find
great comfort in reading and it has opened up my mind to reflect on dealing
with my illness in my life whether it is an inspirational fiction/non-fiction
or even a secular author.Being Christian, I have not found any book of course
as comforting as the Bible.
Have a great week, April

"Flame & Vixen." <email @ redacted> wrote:
> Good Morning!
> (Well, it being Monday, maybe just "Morning!" is more applicable in some
> cases!  :)  )  I'm very much hoping some other IPers find their way onto
> here...we'll see, I suppose.
> I'd like to thank the folks who have made "book suggestions" to me (either
> personally or list-wise) as far as books with a spiritual leaning.  With
> diabetes it seems to be an ongoing process to build inner strength to deal
> with whatever unexpected twist might come our way next (I know that this is
> not so different from the life of non-diabetics...it's just that the
> wrenches that get thrown into our works tend to have so many physical
> implications that  it is a full-time job to assemble & maintain the
> resources for dealing with them), & I am one of those who finds a lot of
> wisdom in books, so the suggestions are very much appreciated.
> A while back (last winter, maybe), I wrote a few general postings to the
> list offering ideas on books I felt were really good for helping to work
> some of the emotional issues that often come with this disease.  I'd like
> add here one that you are not likely to find on the "health-shelf" at the
> bookstore, but that has made a huge difference for me.  It is called "The
> Way of the Peaceful Warrior" by Dan Millman.  It's not the kind of book
> I would ordinarily pick up, but something about it caught my attention & I
> bought it - took it home & read it cover to cover.  It is advertised as "a
> book that changes lives", & I don't tend to put much stock in those kind of
> claims...but this had a really profound effect on me.  This was ten years
> ago...in the time since then I've bought a loaner copy that has made the
> rounds among my family & friends (appreciated even by those whose spiritual
> path is more "traditional" & very different from my own), written to the
> author to tell him how powerful it was & the effect his writing had (got a
> very nice reply from his wife, who is one of the characters in the book), &
> read the sequel & other works he's written, as well.  Another of his I
> really got a lot out of is "No Ordinary Moments" about learning to live
> life recognizing that every day MATTERS.  Really good stuff, for those who
> are interested.
> Blessed Be,
> Sammi
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