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Re: [IPr]

Hello Again
I am glad we have a variety of people on this list:)
Diversity is the key to understanding and participating in a GLOBAL COMMUNITY.
I feel blessed to have been brought up to be a Global Citizen, by very loving 
and worldly parents. One of you mentioned having had people pray over you to 
cure your diabetes and it not working, but not due to lack of faith. I have 
had a similar experience in both traditional Judeo-CHristian settings and in 
very alternative spiritual settings. I believe that all of us who have 
diabetes where offered a great challenge by the Higher Power to be stronger 
and wiser people. I have believed this for most of my life. Perhaps it is odd 
to some that I have been so spiritually and philosophically driven since I 
was a small child, but I have and still am!
Blessed Be Michelle T
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