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Re: [IPr]

Hello Everyone
ANd a special Hello to my friend Sammi:)!!!
SInce my first posting I actually sent to the main list and then had it 
rejected and bounced back to this list, I would like to introduce myself to 
this list more formally.
I to hope that this list recieves a great deal of traffic.
I would love it if people on this list respond to my long list of questions 
either directly or through the course of dialogue. I am very interested in 
how diabetes does or does not influence different people's spiritual 
experiences. As I mentioned before even at the young age of 7 I found the 
whole diagnostic process to be profoundly spiritual, in fact in hindsight I 
feel like it was very similar to a "shamanic death" in the ways it 
transformed my life and my perception. Having been diabetic for over 18 years 
now I have evolved a great deal in how I percieve being diabetic. I have 
always seen it as a blessing in disguise and in the past several years feel 
that I have finally been able to tap into the true blessing of being 
diabetic. It has always forced me to be more mindful of my actions then my 
chronological peers. It also helped me to not kill myself when I was 
struggling with ANorexia (for 10 years). As to the pump it has been very 
liberating for me both spiritually and in general to be on the pump.
That is all for now Michelle T
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