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Re: [IPr] Diabetes and spirit

> In a message dated 07/10/2000 3:03:22 PM Eastern Daylight Time,
> email @ redacted writes:
> << I will remind participants of this should it be necessary to do 
>  so. Please let us respect our differences and provide support for
>  one another. 
>   >>
> I really was not trying to disrespect others.  I was sincere in the
> fact that I may have signed up for the wrong list.  From the emails
> I've gotten, I have come to the conclusion that I haven't.  I hope
> that you (or anyone else) did not think I was trying to be smart or
> intolerant of others.

Please, I wish to assure you I did not think that. Religion and 
spirituality can be  volitile subjects. I only wish to remind 
everyone of our purpose...


If we can respect our differences there is much help to be had and 
given on this list. From time to time I expect "little problems" to 
arise because of differences. All of us must be vigilant about 
sticking to the purpose and dampening any potential flames.
I believe that the power of the mind and spirit helps many overcome 
adversity in life and with chronic illness. That is why I've created 
this forum. As long as we stick to the subject, I expect this to be a 
successful, helping experience for the participants.

email @ redacted
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