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[IPr] pump as life saver

thanks for the support! I agree with your email, I think when others see what 
God is doing in the lives of his people that will be encouraging!  And I 
really do hope I don't sound like I am judging anyone, cuz I am not.

Also, in asking about the pump helping someone, I know for Allie it really 
has been a godsend.  Mostly because it has given her a big part of her life 
back.  i mean the flexibility to be a kid.  Her A1c's have not shown big 
improvement, but I do think they will be better the end of July when she goes 
back.  But she has been able to have the freedom to eat more (not terrible, 
but not so incredibly structured either) and the freedom to not eat more! 
lol!  And just not having the "fear" of dropping so easily.  I hope I am 
making sense.  I feel like things are much easier to control with the pump.  
If we have a high, we just push a button.  I know I keep saying we, but I 
mean her.  She has been very responsible with her diabetes from the beginning 
and this has just been a tool for freedom for her.  

Susan :)
mom to Allie 11, dx'd 8/98 and pumping 12/99
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