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Re: [IPr] Diabetes and spirit

> I will say that (and it will be hard to believe this, but I do mean it) I
> don't want to judge anyone for their belief, but I can say that without a
> doubt, I can't agree with any other way to God.


Please know that no one should be trying to get you to agree to any other
way to God...if that becomes the case here, then I think we've all somehow
gotten onto the wrong list!  :)

I think that our goal here is to be able to share feelings/thoughts/ideas
about the ways that our own chosen spiritual path, whatever it may be, has
or can help us with the chaos brought on by this disease...& potentially
learn a bit about one another along the way.  You may find those who share
your faith, & gain support in that - as David said, you will also very
likely find "others who can gain a great deal from what you have to say
about what you believe", whether they see deity the way you do or not.  I
very much hope to see people from a variety of beliefs & traditions on
here...I know that I've always learned a lot through inter-faith dialogue
(I've attended events sponsored by the Akron Inter-Faith Council as a
representative of my church, & had wonderful sharing evperiences with all
kinds of people!) , & I'd love to see how people's differing ways help them
in dealing with a problem we've all got in common, different though we may

Welcome, & I hope you decide to stay!


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