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RE: [IPr] Diabetes and spirit

<< My name is Ashley and have been insulin dependent for 16 years.  The
combination of anorexia and diabetes has definately played a role in my
spirituality <<
How has the pump "saved your life"?  I have been on the pump for a couple of
months now.  The pump is wonderful and takes some of the complexities and
inconveniences out of having diabetes.  But I haven't seen any real shift in
my glucose levels or A1C's.  I'll admit first that my life style hasn't
changed that much.  I haven't committed myself to diet, nutrition, and
exercise.  I pretty much act like a normal person who gives himself insulin
to compensate for everything I eat.  I know this isn't what the pump was
designed for.  I am interested in learning what you have changed about
yourself since going on the pump.

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