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[IPr] Books

Good Morning!

(Well, it being Monday, maybe just "Morning!" is more applicable in some
cases!  :)  )  I'm very much hoping some other IPers find their way onto
here...we'll see, I suppose.

I'd like to thank the folks who have made "book suggestions" to me (either
personally or list-wise) as far as books with a spiritual leaning.  With
diabetes it seems to be an ongoing process to build inner strength to deal
with whatever unexpected twist might come our way next (I know that this is
not so different from the life of non-diabetics...it's just that the
wrenches that get thrown into our works tend to have so many physical
implications that  it is a full-time job to assemble & maintain the
resources for dealing with them), & I am one of those who finds a lot of
wisdom in books, so the suggestions are very much appreciated.

A while back (last winter, maybe), I wrote a few general postings to the
list offering ideas on books I felt were really good for helping to work out
some of the emotional issues that often come with this disease.  I'd like to
add here one that you are not likely to find on the "health-shelf" at the
bookstore, but that has made a huge difference for me.  It is called "The
Way of the Peaceful Warrior" by Dan Millman.  It's not the kind of book that
I would ordinarily pick up, but something about it caught my attention & I
bought it - took it home & read it cover to cover.  It is advertised as "a
book that changes lives", & I don't tend to put much stock in those kind of
claims...but this had a really profound effect on me.  This was ten years
ago...in the time since then I've bought a loaner copy that has made the
rounds among my family & friends (appreciated even by those whose spiritual
path is more "traditional" & very different from my own), written to the
author to tell him how powerful it was & the effect his writing had (got a
very nice reply from his wife, who is one of the characters in the book), &
read the sequel & other works he's written, as well.  Another of his I
really got a lot out of is "No Ordinary Moments" about learning to live your
life recognizing that every day MATTERS.  Really good stuff, for those who
are interested.

Blessed Be,

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