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[IPr] Diabetes and spirit

     My name is Ashley and have been insulin dependent for 16 years.  The 
combination of anorexia and diabetes has definately played a role in my 
spirituality.  The only way I recovered from the anorexia was to find my true 
being and to develop Her on my own.  I have been clise to death so many 
times, in ICU with blood sugars over 1000 weighing 60 lbs, and docs are truly 
amazed that I am even breathing today.  They were expecting me to die of 
malnutrition and or a stroke, but I always told them "I will not die, I can 
tell you that much."
     I am so thankful that I have discovered, and still am discovering my 
spirituality, because now I am dealing with retinopathy (I had neuropathy, 
but the pump has saved my life and reversed it) and I am only 22.  It has 
really altered my life, but I will adjust.  Before the pump, I had A1C's of 
over 16, and now I am a 5.  It has only been one year on the pump for me, so 
I know that my body can still repair itself if I allow it to and feed it 
positive affirmations.
     One book that I really recommend for any diabetic faced with obstacles 
is Mind Power into the 21st Century by John Kehoe.  It has changed my life.
I am interested to hear what other peoples' responses are.

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