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Re: [IPr] (Fwd) [IP] Spirituality

At 08:08 PM 7/9/2000 George Lovelace wrote:
 >I was asked to forward this.  I trust the writer will be joining the list
 >or if she is already a member she will now write directly.  ;>)

She's already a member... I think we need to explain to her the correct 
address to post spirit letters. Have we even let our admins know what the 
correct posting is??

(real spirits have no medium)

 >------- Forwarded Message Follows -------
 >From:           	email @ redacted
 >Date sent:      	Sun, 9 Jul 2000 15:09:42 EDT
 >Subject:        	[IP] Spirituality
 >Hello Everyone I just wanted to thank David and Vixen (:) for
 >opening the door to a true discussion of spirituality as opposed to a
 >dogmatic discussion of religion. In fact I was just thinking about the
 >connection between diabetes and spirituality yesterday in the
 >shower. I have been a spiritual seeker for much of my life, but I am
 >curious about how much my diagnosis and near death experience
 >at 7 triggered my life long quest. I know that this discussion will
 >most likely end up on the new list on Diabetes and Spirituality, but
 >I just wanted to pose a few questions to the broader list. 1. Did
 >your diagnosis trigger any spiritual changes or seeking for others?
 >2. How many of you had near death and/or out of body experiences
 >at the time of diagnosis or at other times since you where
 >diagnosed? Those of you who have had near death and out of body
 >experiences, how has this influenced your spiritual beliefs or
 >experiences? 3. Do you feel that being Diabetic has had a positive
 >or deepening influence on you as a spiritual being? How has
 >Diabetes affected your perception of spirituality or your higher
 >power(s)? Have any of you had negative reactions to Diabetes on a
 >spiritual level? If so what where or are they? Alright I could ask a
 >million other questions, but I will spare you all for now. I just found
 >out that the University of Minnesota where I am pursuing my PhD
 >in Educational Psychology has a NIH founded program in
 >Spirituality and Healing. I have decided to MInor in Spirtuality and
 >Healing. I will be studying the connection between spirituality and
 >healing for people with chronic medical conditions such as
 >Diabetes. I am also going to be looking at the influence of
 >spirituality on the capacity to heal one self or be positively affected
 >by "alternative healing therapies." So I am very interested both
 >personally and professionally in this subject.
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for HELP or to subscribe/unsubscribe, contact: HELP@insulin-pumpers.org
send a DONATION http://www.Insulin-Pumpers.org/donate.shtml