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Re: [IPr] My Posting

 Wow! I read this and found myself crying. I am so glad that the Lord has
provided for your needs. He has done the same for me, pretty much the same way.
In the summer, I was not were I needed to be with the Lord and was not counting
on Him to supply my needs. I didn't have the money to get my supplies and so I
started using a credit card and went back to shots. I got too impatient, and now
I am still paying for it. I have learned to wait on our Father to provide what
He feel I am in need of. He will not let my health go in danger. He never is in
a hurry though, He wants us to fully depend on Him.........for everything.
  Just a week ago, I used my last infusion set and (not having the money for
more supplies) fully intended to go back to shots once again. But faithfully,
God provided. I went to the post office that day to check my mail and I had a
box........it was from this web site, with the exact supplies I needed. Wow, I
didn't know how to thank God enough.....what a blessing! I am so glad I found
this web site and I am glad to have found the Spirit part of it. I am so
thankful for Michael and the entire team that puts it together. It is so
encouraging to hear the stories from all of you. It also helps me to know that I
am not alone. I get encouragement from all of you.....Thank You for all that you
share. God Bless all of you and I will be praying for all those on this site.
God is Alive in 2005.

Kathleen Hart <email @ redacted> wrote:
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Dear George,

I want you to read this first. It's my Christmas message for the
insulin-pumpers group. Merry Christmas George!

Ho-ho, Kathleen

"Merry Christmas, I'm so grateful!!!"

I want to wish each and everyone a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

I have always known Christmas as a special time of year to remember those who
you don't see everyday, those who are less fortunate AND to be thankful for
all the blessings, family and friends that we have.

This year is more than a bit lonely for me because I just lost my only sister.
My sister, Connie Jean fought the most gallant fight during her three years
with cancer. During this time she thought of everyone except herself. Connie
Jean showed everyone the Love of Jesus, the Hope and Comfort of the Holy
Spirit and the mighty Grace of God. Miracles seemed to flow from her onto
others! She was entirely wonderful!!! She joined our Mom and grandparents in
heaven two months ago. In honor of my sister, I just cut my long red hair to
donated it to "Locks Of Love" who make natural hair wigs for children who have

I am MOST grateful for the love of my dear daughters who give me their love
continually. I'm blessed with five of the most precious grandkids, 9 years old
to 9 months old. I'm blessed that both my daughters and grandchildren have
the most wonderful husband and father. I'm blessed to have the happiest little
doggie critters ever! They provide love and laughter for me each and
everyday. They are hilarious! It seems that every time I check my blood sugar
one of them runs over to see that I'm doing it right and then kisses my
finger! My munchkins provide me with so much togetherness, it definitely
helps to make my home such a happy one!

I'm so grateful that I have my insulin pump! After having Diabetes for 40
years (since I was a little girl) my mother wanted me to try the pump when she
was alive, 15 years ago. It took me another five years to give it a whirl and
I've been so thrilled I decided to change my life with the pump. I have felt
so much more "normal" since being on the insulin pump.

I am hugely grateful for this insulin-pumpers group! I am without insurance
and on a fixed income. If it were not for the TLC of Michael and the graceful
hearts of those who contribute supplies to this group I would have had to go
back on shots. To those of you who give your extra supplies, THANK YOU EVER
SO MUCH!!! Thanks to you I have silhouette sets, reservoirs, skin prep,
IV3000, Tegaderm and Ultra One Touch strips and once in awhile a vial of
insulin. Living without insurance is very scarey but I have have been given
the love of other's through your generous contribution. I thank God for each
and every one of you. It's so amazing how every time I run out of insulin or
find myself with just one more reservoir of insulin, the Lord sends a package
of another vial. Ohhhhhhh THANK YOU JESUS!!! Completely Awesome!

I pray for Blessings Of Love for everyone! I answer and welcome all e-mails.
Merry Christmas everyone!!

With Care, Kathleen
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