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[IPr] thanks

Thanks to all of you for writing me and telling me I will be in your prayers 
on Thursday!
I had forgotten I had asked to be removed from this list while I waited for 
my hands to improve!  Oh well, thanks for re-instating me!  

Isn't God good?  I read posts on other sites about how diabetics are supposed 
to be depressed and all.  I leave all the depression to God!  I haven't been 
depressed since I was a teenager about my being a diabetic.  Yes, sometimes I 
worry about how things will turn out for me but I don't get so down and out 
about it.  
I have been a diabetic since I was 8 years old, 40 years ago.  Matter of fact 
it will be 40 years next month.  The doctors told my mom if I took care of 
myself I could live to be 40.  Well, I guess you know my 40th birthday was 
traumatic for me!!!  That was all I could think of and everybody thought 
turning 40 was what was bothering me.  I can't wait to turn 50!!!!!!  Ten 
years past my day!!!!

This posting sounds like I'm rambling, huh?  Ah, my kids just tell me I'm 
getting old!!!!
I have 5 children.  My baby will be 6 next week.  My oldest will be 18 in 
March .  No, I did not give birth to any of them.  God blessed us with 5 
beautiful adopted children.  Our nearly 18 y/o son has joined the Marines to 
defend our country.  He will leave for boot camp in August.

Everybody take care and God bless you all!

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