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RE: (Fwd) Re: [IPr] FW: [IP] Trained Spiritual Director

Dear friends --

For some reason, I was not getting the posts from IP spirit (I am now --
Thanks, George), so I'm a little behind in the exchange with Randall, which
I'm enjoying very much (Hi, Randall!).

Randall wrote:

> You are right on target with the need for the spiritual director to be
> an objective friend in the sense of desiring the best for the directee
> - I've always considered it to be the most demanding aspect of the
> practice, especially when someone you don't quite "fit" with asks for
> direction.

You said it!  There is a great temptation to try to convince a directee to
"be like me" rather than to help them find their own way to God, and to walk
with them for a time.
> This is one of the shortcomings of most of the Evangelical traditions
> - we don't have any real connections with the Contemplative groups. 
> Those of us who might be considered sympathetic to this type of
> practice are loosely networked but don't really have any real
> organization.  

FWIW, being an Episcopalian is not a requirement for membership in the
Fellowship of the Society of St. Paul.  There are even a couple of Baptists.
<Very Big Grin>

> It might be useful, but if a non-Christian came to me seeking
> spiritual direction I would be obligated to point out that the first
> step would be to move in the direction of becoming a Christian.  By
> definition (since I am a conservative, traditionalist Christian
> spiritual director) a "deeper relationship with God" would require
> this move.  

I think I agree with you.  I would have difficulty directing someone who did
not have at least an inkling of the Lordship of Christ.  When I said what I
did, I was thinking of some of the Sufi and other Eastern mystics.
Jim Handsfield, CSSP
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