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Re: [IPr] Scientology and other faiths

At 01:09 AM 8/24/2006, you wrote:
>On 8/23/06, Nancy Reindl <email @ redacted> wrote:
>>Well, I believe that before we receive our healing God needs to work
>>some deep work w/in our hearts and guide us in changing our bad habits.
>>I believe in the laying on of hands, and in receiving healing.
>>Sometimes, God allows us to go through difficult time in one area to
>>teach us to trust Him and also to save us from worse things. Others
>>because we hold bitterness in our hearts ---
>>Abut Scientology; what I have heard is that there are two different
>>types, and both of them require you to pay to become a member, then you
>>have to solicit others to join with you. That is of course "hearsay", so
>>I am being careful to note it.
>>I for one am happy with my faith in God and not in religion.
>>In Christ,
>Thank you for your comments, Nancy!!!   I am so glad to see people
>post to this List on this topic which is EXACTLY what this list is
>for.  I would like to encourage the other members of this group to
>"testify" to their Faith and what it has meant for their diabetes
>Thank you again,     :-)

While I think this is an appropriate place to do just that, I'd like to 
point out that this list is NOT exclusively for religious discussion, it is 
also for any subject that is or can become heated emotionally.
George, both you and I (as well as many other members of this sub-list) 
have seen people on the Spirit list actually become angry and leave the 
list because it is not a Christian forum---I would not like to see that 
happen again. There are members of Spirit of many religious faiths, both 
Christian and non-Christian--including some atheists.
Subjects such as stem cell research, abortion, political issues, etc are 
also appropriate for this list though they may or may not be religious in 
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