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[IPr] re: Scientology and other faiths

 I have been reading these posts on the main list and I am afraid I am one of
"little" faith when it comes to believing can heal all things.
 I know the Bible states that faith the size of a mustard seed can move
mountains. Well, we all know how small a mustard seed is. Yet, I don't feel I
could possibly move a mountain nor cure myself or anyone else, for that matter,
of a disease or ailment.
 We do "laying on of the hands" at the church we attend. Strength in numbers,
you know! I have heard of miraculous cures through prayers and all.
I do believe God can do all things and that He performs miracles each day.
 I belong to the "Emmaus" community and one day there was an e-mail that we all
pray for a 6 year old to be healed from their diabetes. Haven't heard if God did
that or not! My lack of faith says no as I know when I was first diagnosed at
age 8 I used to pray for diabetes to go away and it did not happen. Perhaps that
is where my lack of faith comes from!
 I do not put others down for their beliefs for we all acknowledge a Greater
Being and follow the beat of different drums in this world. I do know Who I
believe in and that is God and His Son, Jesus.

Debbie from W KY
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