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Re: [IPr] Re: spirit-digest V4 #361

On 14 Aug 01, at 21:01, email @ redacted wrote:
> What about the stem cells in umbilical cord blood, which is thrown away at 
> the vast majority of hospitals every day? Why the push to destroy embryos 
> when this other source doesn't even seem to get discussed?

That's an interesting question.  I've also seen some research reports on 
other stem cells in experimental studies - even stem cells from adults!  The 
issue here is entangled with the "anti-life" views of the abortion community 
which views human life as a commodity to be traded, trashed and discarded 
at will.  

It's impossible to get a clean start because there is already big business in 
embryo research and once the money starts flowing the morals have already 

Rev. Randall Winchester
WD4HVA (email @ redacted)
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