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Re: [IPr] (Fwd) [IP] Something to ponder

I have to agree with you 100%. Using stem cells from destroying human life
is incomprehensible.
Wish upon a star
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> Dianne,
>  No, there is presently no way to determine if an embryo's stem cells are
> "useable".
> Stem cells don't determine what diseases an unborn child will be heir
> or at any time in it's future. The safe, ethical, and Christian thing to
> is to assume that NONE are useable. Slicing/dicing such cells demeans the
> value of life.
> The complexity of the cell should drive us to our knees in awe of the
> of Life.
> Here's a link to a wonderful article by Cal Thomas on the subject:
> http://www.townhall.com/columnists/calthomas/ct20010813.shtml
> Regards,
>  Gil Linkswiler
>  46 years T1, MM508 5/2000
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