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Re: [IPr] Starting Discussion on Stem Cells

On 11 Jul 2001, at 23:23, George wrote:

> It has been over seven months since we have used this list, and 
> my thought was just sending this message would help to start 
> people discussing their views and opinions of subjects that don't
> necessarily fit into the Main List mail.  So, please take this as an
> invitation to discuss your concerns here on the Spirit List.   :>)

It has been decided by the administrators that the Spirit List will be the 
open list for discussion on the matters concerning Stem-Cell Research and 
all issues and opinions relating to this subject.  All further discussion of this 
topic MUST occur on the Spirit List.   The Spirit list will also be open to the 
discussion on the Politics of this topic.  If you are not currently a member 
of the Spirit list and wish to join, please send a request "subscribe Spirit"  

<A HREF= "MailTo:HELP@insulin-pumpers.org"> AOL members, click 
here to join the Spirit list</A> 

But please also remember the rules of Netiquette when it comes to divisive 
discussion on any list!


Thank you,

George Lovelace
IP Administration
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