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Re: [IPr] Test Message/Calvary Chapel "member" and new pumper?

In a message dated 08/25/2000 12:49:55 AM Eastern Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< graduated from Bible Study Fellowship >>

Hey Laura,

I am a BSF vetern!  I am in Greensboro, NC.  Went to the day class for 4 
years I think (3 of those as a children's leader) switched to the night 
class, when I started homeschooling my kids.   Spent a half of year in a 
class and then became a discussion leader for 2 years and then didn't go back 
into leadership, but went back and dropped out at half the year (conflicts 
with both daughters) and then went back the next year as the asst. children's 
supervisor!  I am signed up to go back this year (not in leadership, but cuz 
the girls wanted to go back) but am worry that it is just too much!

mom to Allie 12, dx'd 8/98 and pumping 12/99
and Katie
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