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Re: [IPr] Here, here!!

On 13 Aug 00, at 18:51, gene kropfelder wrote:

> Go Reverend Randall!! It's no wonder you're a popular speaker, sermonizer,
> or whatever term you prefer!

It's been a while since I've preached at a church during a regular service.  
In this area there is a great oversupply of Baptist preachers. So, in a fit of 
blatant self promotion... 

Have Bible, will preach.  Will preach for food (borrowed
that one from my friend the cartoonist!)  I will preach on Sunday, or
any other day of the week.  Any church willing to call me to come as 
a speaker will not be turned down if I can afford the trip and
have the date open.  I'll even speak at meetings, conventions or
whatever.  Denominational affiliation isn't a problem - I've got 
experience as a guest speaker in several denominations, including Southern 
Baptist,  Methodist, Disciples and others...  Just call Rent-A-Preacher at 
(270)... oops!  Got my script for the TV ad in there somehow...  

> later, as they determine.And a giving heart knows more happiness than any
> earthly thing can ever give!

And these are the simple truths that are so often missed in our current
cultural battle zone.  Sometimes we are able to speak to others best out of
our most difficult to handle weaknesses.

Rev. Randall Winchester
WD4HVA (email @ redacted)
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