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[IPr] Here, here!!

Go Reverend Randall!! It's no wonder you're a popular speaker, sermonizer,
or whatever term you prefer! To face the future with awareness,
understanding, etc., is indeed what I strive towards. And to pull myself out
of the depths that admittedly , I still sometimes feel from this diabetic
ride, I am always reminding myself of the importance of stepping outside
myself and reaching out to others. Not in a compulsive, "I'll set them
straight" kind of way, but rather in an open, "what can I do to help" kind
of way!  And lo and behold it's true! By reaching out to others, I always
benefit from this experience much more myself, than they, at least in my own
mind that's how I see it. And the deep sense of joy that accompanies these
exchanges confirms that whether they want me to help or not doesn't really
matter. What matters is that I've made myself available to them then or
later, as they determine.And a giving heart knows more happiness than any
earthly thing can ever give!
    To you, and everyone else out there in cyberland, may all your lows be
temporary, all your highs be unrelated to blood sugar readings, and your
lives be filled with peace and contentment!
    Rosemary K

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