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No Subject

Dear Friends

I have not been online since my last post and was really surprised to find 
out that something I said or talked about rocked this list. (my low BS 
experience). I believe this list to be a supportive place where people
can talk about how they feel, do and why they do it that way. I also
believe that in order to continue to let people feel safe, we must respect 
each others right to think differently. No one have ever been
persuaded to think something spiritual, rather it is a revelation that comes 
from the heart. I have no problem with people thinking differently than I, 
maybe I can learn something valuable from thier experience that I had not 
thought of before. All we need to remember is this ( and I think I saw it 
mentioned before) treat each other with respect and compassion,
even if you don't understand. Then this list will continue to flourish
with meaningful conversations about how we can overcome our common obstacle 

Love and Encouragement to all

email @ redacted

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