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Re: [IPr] Allie and Guilt

In a message dated 08/07/2000 6:10:52 PM Eastern Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<<  but there is a strong risk that Diabetic girls will develop an 
 eating disorder or at least a disordered relationship with food and their 
 body. I know this not only from personal experience, but also due to 
 extensive research that I have been involved in regarding the connection 
 between diabetes and eating disorders.
 The point of all of this is mostly that I hope all parents will keep in mind 
 the spiritual and emotional nature of their children. My parents anger with 
 high #s certainly did not help me while growing up with Diabetes.
 I hope that my thoughts are thought provocking and not offensiv >>

Hey Michelle,

I have been out of town, and realize this is a bit late, but no your thoughts 
are not offensive at all to me!  I agree with your whole heartedly that is 
why I hate to see her with that guilt or shame!  In all honestly that has 
been my greatest sense of satisfaction with the pump.  Food had become a huge 
issue at our house.  I felt like (and I have no doubt that Allie felt the 
same) food was the center of our life!  Now with the pump, the focus is much 
less on food.  My husband and I made an agreement with Allie she could eat 
what she wanted (within the bounds of what is healthy for ANY child) as long 
as she bolused for it.  Her eating habits have improved 100%.  I feel by the 
nature of "not being able to have things" it just increased her desire for 
them!  But now that she can - she doesn't have the desire!  I think it is 
called (what I believe) is the SIN NATURE we are born with.  Our flesh 
automatically desires what it can't have.  Please don't misunderstand I am 
not saying it was a SIN for her to eat.  But that craving what you shouldn't 
have.  Anyway I thank you for your comments and I have heard a lot of 
research on female teens with diabetes having eating disorders.

mom to Allie 12, dx'd 8/17/98 and pumping 12/17/99
and Katie 10
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