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[IPr] Debate, unsubscribing, etc.

Dear friends --

I've been considering this for a little while, and I thought I'd add my two
cents about the process this list is going through right now.

Whenever we start a new venture, we often begin it with our own set of
expectations, desires, needs, etc.  And it gets rough when it appears to
develop into something different.  Clearly, some people thought this would
be a forum for debate, and others thought that this would be more useful as
a place for spiritual sharing and support.  This is the approach I had when
the list was first announced and I asked to be subscribed.

Now don't get me wrong -- I can debate theology quite well, and, indeed, I
did engage David privately.  But my experience in spiritual direction (both
as directee and director) has taught me that God (or however one chooses to
address God) is happy to be approached in just about any way someone will
approach God -- at least in the beginning.  Being Christian, I firmly
believe the Jesus Christ is the Way . . . but I also believe there may be
many paths to find that way, and I really don't think God cares too much if
we specifically acknowledge the Second Person of God's self.  I can well
imagine someone arriving at the Great Banquet having God say to that person
"I don't believe you know my Son . . . " and then after the introduction
inviting them to partake.  In that, I am a universalist, and believe that
God will not rest until *all* souls have returned to God and hell is empty,
even if it takes all eternity.

But back to my point . . . the relationship we each have with God is as
unique as each one of us -- and it is as common as we (humanity, that is)
are a community.  While we each have that relationship with God, each
relationship affects the whole, and when I am having difficulty in that
relationship, you are impacted, and vice versa.  

I see this list as a way to share my relationship with God primarily, but
with a specific view to how that relationship is impacted by my diabetes.
At the same time, while I may not "say" much, rest assured that I read each
post that is sent to this list, and in doing so, I gain understanding (even
if I don't agree!) and the community grows.

Apparently David has unsubscribed, and we are diminished as a result.  But
just as happened with the Rich Young Man (Luke 18:18-23) . . . Jesus let the
man walk away . . . about all we can do is wish David Godspeed and hope that
perhaps he'll rejoin someday.

Like I said -- just my $.02.

Jim Handsfield
mailto:email @ redacted OR
mailto:email @ redacted

The opinions expressed are my own and do not necessarily represent those of
my wife who runs this house and makes more important decisions than I do.

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