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[IPr] To David & Melissa

David, I truly appreciated your response and as for "passionate feelings",
well obviously you're not alone in that department! I was saddened to see
your request at the end of the digest asking for your email to
"unsubscribe". Perhaps, you have already reconsidered that decision, I
honestly hope so, but if not, I wish you well in your pursuits of wisdom and
serenity, wherever they may lead you!
    To Melissa, as for your question of "spiritual epiphanies and low bs's".
I have also experienced some kind of "insights", when I've dropped lower
than what my body can handle, have even read the running threads on this
topic on the general digest list too, with interest. However, I personally
feel more credence goes to the open creativity part of the brain, without
the higher thinking processes in play, which can lead to "profound
thinking". I find more spiritual peace and serenity comes to me when I can
honestly ask for guidance and then really shut-up my own thoughts and
listen, actively listen to hear what God wants me to hear. Not easy for me
to do, it's hard to try and keep my own opinions and thoughts quiet long
enough to see if He may have another idea. But, I'm still working on it! And
I honestly feel my own best method of living and coming to some kind of
understanding is to remember this Bible message."Faith, Hope & Love, but the
greatest of these is Love". Hope we all can strive for the love first and
    Rosemary K

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