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Re: [IPr] Smile and enjoy the day!

Greetings Spiritual Diabetics!!!!
I am in a very Sassy but peaceful mood today.
As I mentioned in a recent post I asked for guidance last night about 
Midnight. Around three am I awoke out of a surealistic and deeply spiritual 
dream in a cold sweat my Fiancee Joe had awoken me and done a blood test for 
me. My BS was 23...I was still in lala land...I mean literally I was stilll 
lucidly dreaming, despite my awareness of Joe. As Joe got me a juice box I 
began talking to my higher power about inner peace, communication (including 
this list), my upcoming marriage, my work towards my PhD, and how to strive 
for a more peaceful although Passionate demeanor. GUess what I recieved 
valuable answers to all of this and was able to note it all in my journal 
after a Juice box and a mini muffin. I even managed to wake up intime to 
teach my Lab section at 7am, with a BS of 133. I have had great clarity and 
peace all day. I also feel like this list was able to trigger the personal 
processes needed for me to seek and recieve the guidance that I needed. No 
matter what our spiritual faith, I would bet most of us have had experiences 
that have been critical to our spiritual development. I am curious what 
connection people have seen between profound spiritual experiences and low 
blood sugar? I always seem to get low after the intense spiritual 
experiences. Sometimes though I think that low blood sugar can trigger 
spiritual epiphanies. I would love to know what other people's experiences 
are and have been! I think you all are great and I hope you all stick around! 
LIKE ON TOP:) Smile MIchelle
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