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Re: [IPr] Stop the insanity!

In a message dated 8/10/00 12:30:53 AM Central Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<<  I'm open to hearing what anyone wants
 to share about his or her own beliefs, spirituality, or faith. But frankly,
 you're coming off like a know-it-all who can't abide remarks made by others
 without slamming them somehow! Please reword your responses to show that
 these are merely Your Opinions, and not some holy truth that all must
 "mature into  believing'! They are not the only RIGHT WAY to enlightenment.
 You put people on the defensive, and in my opinion, you need to be
     Rosemary K >>


You are right and your redress is accepted, gracefully, I hope. I apologize 
for any offense that I caused you or anyone else. I do not have any mystic 
secerets to enlightment or have never believed I know it all. If I knew all 
this, I wouldn't be on this list, but in constant enlightment.

I honestly believed that everyone understood that everything written on this 
or the other list is opinion and nothing more. I am sorry that I came across 
as not sympathetic or understanding to other beliefs. In fact, I apologized 
to Jim in a private post for using the pronoun "you" rather than something 
much more general like "western civilization" in the example you cited here. 

I am passionate about my beliefs because they have taken a better part of my 
56 years to learn and accept. However, I am just as passionate about others' 
rights to hold beliefs of their own. I would not purposefully denigrate 
anyone for anything they believe because as the saying goes, "I haven't 
walked in their shoes."

My passion can get the better of me at times and I have printed out your post 
and will keep it handy to remind me that my passion is no more or less 
important than the passion of someone else.

Believe it or not, I do respect everyone and want them to continue on their 
journies. I honestly believe (my opinion) enlightment isn't an end, but a 
wonderful pause along the path we all tread. I also believe that after we 
experience enlightment, there's still dirty laundry in the hamper awaiting 
our attention.

I wish God's richest blessings for each of you and I do respect and hold your 
right to hold your beliefs in very high regard.

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