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[IPr] Rev. Randall...& boating

> Actually, from a Calvinistic perspective we are placed on the shore
> where we are predestined to build a boat and sail or row it in
> a determined path at a specific time....

...From my perspective, I don't have a lot of fun sanding the teak on the
> sailboat nor mending the sails.  I love sailing along in a 20 knot wind
> the boat heeling over about 15 degrees and the sails making a beautiful
> thrumming sound as we surf along at hull speed.  And I much prefer an
> outboard to oars...
> But even with all this, I liked the poem...

Rev. Randall,

You are exactly the voice I needed to hear to start my day off with a smile!
I wondered if you were around for yesterday's discussion...it seemed
unlikely, since your words of wit & wisdom were missing.  Seriously - you
are the kind of person who makes me realize just why I like the diversity
represented here...& I'm so very glad that, even though you are not
currently "full-time ministering" to a church, that you do so for us -
whether we agree on any kind of theological matters or not.

I would add to your posting above:

>From the Pagan perspective: Look- a boat!  Before getting in, make sure it's
safe & not full of holes.  Also, can you tell whose it is?   It seems
unlikely that it would just "appear" out of nowhere, & it could also be very
harmful to the owner to return & find his boat missing.  And actually, if we
need to go somewhere, let's plan for the trip...see if we can determine (via
runes, tarot cards...or far more likely, the Weather Channel) when the winds
will be favorable - & if they won't, plan accordingly.  Oars?  Well, since
many of us tend to carry sturdy knives as we travel, if anything goes wrong
with them, we can always create more.  (We are ever a practical people! <g>)

>From out in the strange field,

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