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[IPr] Stop the insanity!

Got to get my 2 cents in here. To Bonnie & Sammi, I completely respect and
support your right to believe as you see fit, and I appreciate your openness
to the views, different as they may be, from your own. But I must say that
David you seem to attack anyone who says something personal that you don't
agree with! For example: When Vibeke wrote, "God has a purpose...", you
responded with, <Unfortunately we seek this purpose and completely overlook
that God's will for us is our will for us. just being..it is our only
purpose.> Where do you even say, in my opinion, rather than using word like
"unfortunately and stating it is our only purpose as though that's the only
    When Jim wrote about his problem with reincarnation and not being
unique, again your inflamed response was: <You have such a limited
understanding of this principal.> And went on to say, <If you knew your
Bible history you would know...> Is it ok for you to state anyone else on
this list has a "limited understanding"??!  Then when Brad wrote, "Talk
about God's grace", you went after him with: <I have a problem with his
being blamed for all the wrong and ...all the credit. We are responsible for
ourselves.> And to Bonnie's thoughts on Shirley McLain, you responded, <The
organized church would prefer us not to follow these teachings because they
wouldn't have guilt to hold over us and keep us coming.>  I don't know where
you got that stuff about God getting all the blame and or credit from Brad
simply saying, "Talk about God's grace." Or why you felt it necessary to put
down all organized religion when commenting on Bonnie's post. I've not heard
anyone else "putting down" your beliefs, so why do you always criticize
others who may believe differently than you? And your remarks to Jim were
downright rude and distasteful! Now, I'm open to hearing what anyone wants
to share about his or her own beliefs, spirituality, or faith. But frankly,
you're coming off like a know-it-all who can't abide remarks made by others
without slamming them somehow! Please reword your responses to show that
these are merely Your Opinions, and not some holy truth that all must
"mature into  believing'! They are not the only RIGHT WAY to enlightenment.
You put people on the defensive, and in my opinion, you need to be
    Rosemary K

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