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Re: [IPr] God's job vs. mine

On 9 Aug 00, at 10:06, Peter Hadcock wrote:

> A quote from the book 'Meditations on Diabetes'
> "God gives us the sea,
>                we make the boat.
> God gives us the wind,
>                we make the sail.
> God gives us the calm,
>                we make the oars."

Actually, from a Calvinistic perspective we are placed on the shore
where we are predestined to build a boat and sail or row it in 
a determined path at a specific time.

>From a Armenian/Weslyian perspective we recognize the opportunity 
presented by the sea and decide to participate by building the boat and
then choose our course.

>From a Buddist perspective we can ask if there is no boat yet, does it float?
And if there are no sails to catch the wind, how beautifully do they billow?
And if we allow ourselves to be totally aware, we can become one with the 
calm and it won't matter where we go because we are already there.

>From a nilhistic perspective, if we have a sea, some wind, and some calm,
why bother with a boat.  It's going to sink and we'll be unhappy anyway.

>From a New Age perspective, what color will the boat be.  It's got to be the
right color to match my personality profile and make me comfortable in 
accepting my place in the boat.  What form will the sails take?  What 
happens if the wind blows the wrong way - it's really not my task to 
determine where the wind blows, is it? And since we've all done this before 
why should we do it again?  Or are we just meal on the great grinding wheel 
of time?

>From my perspective, I don't have a lot of fun sanding the teak on the 
sailboat nor mending the sails.  I love sailing along in a 20 knot wind with 
the boat heeling over about 15 degrees and the sails making a beautiful 
thrumming sound as we surf along at hull speed.  And I much prefer an 
outboard to oars...  

But even with all this, I liked the poem...

Rev. Randall Winchester
WD4HVA (email @ redacted)
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