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Re: [IPr] Debatable...

In a message dated 8/9/00 7:27:09 PM Central Daylight Time, email @ redacted 

 I will try to be as diplomatic as you and Sammi, but I am young and still 
 very hot headed!
 SMile Michelle >>

I would like to think that I am older, mature and gentle. However, I still 
get very involved when discussing spiritual matters. I tend to question 
everything. I accept very little on blind faith.  The situations in my life 
have taught me to be this way. However, I have some very firm beliefs and 
will defend them. My beliefs are such that I don't believe in denying anyone 
their right to have their own beliefs. I have read, studied and meditated a 
great deal to get where I am and I still am at the start. I don't think we 
ever "get there." When we make progress, it is only to open up new avenues 
for us to explore. I also believe that we are personally responsible for 
everything that happens to us. We control our reality and have the ability to 
change it at any point in time. I can't change the circumstances which 
rendered me insulin dependent, but I have learned how to make just another 
part of my very diverse life. I don't live my diabetes every day. I check, 
bolus and correct. That's all I do and sometimes it works and sometimes it 
doesn't. I certainly would rather be the way I am and dealing with it than to 
have to deal with what Christopher Reeve has to deal with. And, he is doing a 
beautiful job at it, but comparing my problems to his, mine are minor. I seem 
to have started this whole thing by saying that I don't think God can be 
given the credit for all the good nor should he be given the credit for all 
the bad. God dwells within each and every one of us and is NEVER separated 
from us. His will for us is our will for us and we have control of that. I 
believe in miracals and the unexplaned. However, I don't give God credit for 
all of it. There are some who do and they have the same right as I do to 
believe that. I was just stating my feelings. I take full responsibility for 
myself and deal with any consequences that may come my way. I don't blame 
that on any one and that includes God.

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