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Re: [IPr] RE:

David, Sammi, Bonnie, etc....
I am so greatful for everything that you all contribute to this list.
As a fellow follower of a spiritual path that may be seen by some as "out of 
the box", I hope that our attempts at speaking from our spiritual and 
personal experiences can be valued or at least respected. My diabetes has 
taught me so much about personal responsibility and controling ones destiny. 
Any path that is followed with love and dedication is a path of truth. We can 
not all see clearly through other people's eyes. Yet we hopefully all live by 
some version of the Golden Rule. From the path I walk it goes like this- "And 
harm none do as you will."
Diabetes is a challenge that we all face!
In our many ways of discussion and expression I believe this list is meant to 
help each of us to be more succesful with this challenge. We all have our own 
perspectives and our own way of expressing things. I hope that Respect and 
Openess can be the key threads of this list. Lets not censor one another, for 
any reason! We all deserve a chance to express ourselves in what ever way we 
need to.
With all the Respect and Honor to each and Everyone of you!
LOVE Smiling Michelle
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