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[IPr] Debatable...

> No this list is not for debates. It is to share how diabetes affects the
> spiritual part of us. But it does not exist for debates. There are plenty
> of list for debates. debates leads to flames and will bring this list to
> nothing but a big fight. Debates do not belong on here. So please no
> Ginny


Can we get a good definition of "debates" as far as how they are defined by
the IP Admins?  Maybe that would clear things up for many of  us, because I
don't think that we are all seeing the same thing.  Different definitions of
a word we are tossing around a lot leads to crossed wires, resulting in ugly
(& potentially unnecessary) communications breakdowns.  I understand that
the kind of debates that involve lashing out at someone else or saying
negative things about them are not welcome...& understandably so.  Some
folks, however, view the term "debate" as describing a lively presentation
of differing viewpoints on the same topic - hence the fact that many high
schools sponsor debate teams...not to foster attacks (I hope not, anyway!),
but to allow kids to develop skills in communication & organized ways of
presenting themselves.

I've been involved in a few such "debates" on the IP list, & I've seen MANY
(no, not the ones that had to be chastised, but the healthy ones)...on
everything from how to explain your pump to whether to be "public" as a
diabetic, to whether it's appropriate or not (or even attractive or not) to
allow your tubing to hang out.  It would be pretty unreasonable for us to
assume on either list that we are all going to be in agreement...& I don't
think it's going against the nature of what these lists are about, for
members to express their feelings or beliefs, or the reasons for them.
Sometimes that does involve sharing strong feelings (I see plenty of THAT on
the regular list, as well!)...as long as they are not an attack, is this

No, I'm not trying to debate the issue  (  :)  )...just wanted to know if we
are all on the same page here, as far as what the issue is.


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