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RE: [IPr] Spiritual growth

Ahhhh, learning to listen/hear.....so difficult for some of us.   

I wish I had a dollar for every time God/Buddha/Higher Being/Force  hit me
over the head with the proverbial 4x4 to "teach" me something I just wasn't
hearing.   One of my favorite examples is the time I drove home from work in
a hurry to go out someplace, drove in the garage, ran in the house, grabbed
whatever I needed, back to the garage, and immediately backed out of the
garage........only I had forgotten to open the garage door.  Major expense,
and, of course, I never got where I thought I was going that night.  I had
automatically (read:not paying attention-NPA) closed the garage door as I
went into the house, as I did most every night.  I know that the message I
was supposed to hear from that incident was simply "Slow down and pay
attention".   This is something that I have never learned completely.   The
powers that be continue to give me reminders....some big, some little, to
pay attention to the moment, to the conversation, to the dinner being eaten,
to the flowers growing, to what my daughter is saying, on and on.....  

Seems like I am always in such a hurry, or, I think I am, and I miss a lot
of what is going on by not being totally in the moment and "paying

Sometimes I call it denial.....I just don't want to know.    I just don't
want to "hear" it, because then I might have to "change".  Ohh dreaded word.
What if I had to give something up?   We don't want to do that, as a general
rule.  What is usually true for me is that the "fear of change/giving
something up" really has such positive results once I go through it.  Even
though I was so scared of that change. 

Have most of your learning events been as a result of some crisis, and you
didn't want to know/see/hear?  But when you got "there" is was so amazingly
simple and wonderful?   You know what I mean?. 

I think I may have read some of that book. But I will check the bookshelves
and then Barnes and Nobel and get it. I will let you know what my
impressions are. 


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> <<I have read many Buddhist teachings and currently
> read from cover to cover "Tricycle" Magizine, which is about Buddhist
> teachings.>>
> Bonnie,
> I am so glad to find another reader of  "Tricycle." I love that magazine.
> I have studied many of the Buddhist teachings and find them very
> interesting. 
> If you do buy the Conversations With God trilogy, I would love to hear
> your reactions. Book one begins with a wonderful question. After Neale
> rails in his letter about how bad his life is and asks God for an answer,
> God's resoibse is, "Do you really want the answers?"
> I know I have been faced with answers in my life and just wasn't ready to
> see them. We do not read a book or study a belief until we are ready. I
> honestly believe this. In no way is this a negative comment about those
> who aren't ready to read what I have read. We all have our paths to tread
> and we must tread them at our speed. Along these paths there is
> enlightment and it is wonderful, but there's still the laundry.
> David
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