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Re: [IPr] Opps!

> SNIP>>>>>This list isn't for theological debates<<<<<<<SNip
> I apologize and guess I need to un subscribe....I thought this list was
> created for theological debates, spiritual debates, sharing of theological
> and spiritual information,  Please tell me the purpose of this list again.
> Bonnie Richardson


Please don't go!  I think that "theological debates, spiritual debates,
sharing of theological and spiritual information" are as much on track for a
list focusing on Diabetes & Spirituality as are many, many of the postings I
read on the regular IP list are for one focusing on Diabetes & Pumping.  If
we limit it to where each & every post must specifically address both issues
every time & not deviate, then the regular list would pretty much have to
eliminate close to a third (I just went back & scanned what is sitting in my
Inbox right now from there to get a fair estimate) of the postings that come

I was really glad to read what you wrote...I've picked up Tricycle a few
times at the bookstore & kind of scanned it, but not actually read it.  Now
I'm thinking that may go on my "to do" list - Thanks!

Brightest Blessings,

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