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RE: [IPr] Spiritual growth

<<I have read many Buddhist teachings and currently
read from cover to cover "Tricycle" Magizine, which is about Buddhist teachings.>>


I am so glad to find another reader of  "Tricycle." I love that magazine. I have studied many of the Buddhist teachings and find them very interesting. 

If you do buy the Conversations With God trilogy, I would love to hear your reactions. Book one begins with a wonderful question. After Neale rails in his letter about how bad his life is and asks God for an answer, God's resoibse is, "Do you really want the answers?"

I know I have been faced with answers in my life and just wasn't ready to see them. We do not read a book or study a belief until we are ready. I honestly believe this. In no way is this a negative comment about those who aren't ready to read what I have read. We all have our paths to tread and we must tread them at our speed. Along these paths there is enlightment and it is wonderful, but there's still the laundry.

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