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<<This list isn't for theological debates. It is to help us cope with diabetes. lets get back on topic ok? :)

Only when it doesn't concur with your theology is it not about theology. I believe the thread started with someone relating a very good story about how they had been spared from a terrible accident during a low. I only posed some other theories about being saved from and accident when having a low. I also shared that I wasn't quite so lucky although I was not seriously injured for which I am very thankful. I never expected everyone to agree, but I did pose some questions and one person seemed to catch on. Sammi did see that I am talking about the importance of personal responsibility in treating this disease we all share. I have now been accused of slamming someone for their beliefs and making this a theological discussion. I am beginning to think that non-fundamental christians don't have much place on this list.

Mu discussion has been about diabetes, self responsibility and close calls...that's all. I think it is interesting that many didn't see it that way. I still have a problem making God or anything or anyone responsible for everything that happensto everyone.


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