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RE: [IPr] Spiritual growth

Hi David:

Thank you so much for responding.  I was beginning to feel so very alone. 

I agree with you more than 100%.  I say that, because I believe in God, and
I love what Shirley McLaine writes. I have read all her books, but the
newest one.  She really changed my life with "Out on a Limb".  I have
attended several of her seminars and other personal growth seminars.  I
believe in Reincarnation. I have read all the Seth Books, and a great
variety of similar books.  I have read many Buddhist teachings and currently
read from cover to cover "Tricycle" Magizine, which is about Buddhist
teachings.  I find them so enhancing for so many of Jesus' teachings.    I
read and love James Van Praugh.   His books have great value for me. 

I believe that there are no accidents.  That we create our own life by
creating what we need to learn via accidents, and "things" that happen. 

 I will look for Walsche's "Conversations with God" and read his work.  

I am always open to learning new things.  I believe in Tolerance, Compassion
and Learning.   My Protestant upbringing (Episcopalian) was so valuable to
me in these things.  

I am constantly working, on not being judgemental about anything, and being
compassionate about all.  It is amazing how deep that goes, from calling the
other driver a jerk (in the privacy of your own car) to much greater things.

So glad you wrote. 
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> I have read all of Shirley McLaine's books. I believe in reincarnation and
> feel she has expressed her beliefs well. However, it is not for me to
> judge what she believes. If it is working for her, and it definitely seems
> to be, then it is good. I also have read the Celestine Prophecy and its
> follow up. I think there are spiritual truths there. I have read the Neale
> Donald Walsche Conversations With God and Friendship With God and the
> teachings mean so much to me that I am working toward being a Master
> Teacher of this material. I find it liberating and enlightening. The
> organized church would prefer us not to follow these teachings because
> they wouldn't have guilt to hold over us and keep us comming and, most
> important, lining their pockets. God dwells within each of us and is never
> separated from us. Jesus said, "The Kingdom Of God is within." I don't
> know how much clear he could have made this. It isn't "out there" or
> through some person or organization. It is within us, every!
> !
> !
> one of us. God is always there and he always loves us. I don't think
> anyone can read this material and not be moved in some way.
> David
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