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[IPr] God's job vs. mine

> God dwells within everyone. We are never separate from him. However, I
have a problem with him being blamed for all the wrong (it's God's will, we
will understand some day) and all the credit (God was with me and I was not
killed). We are responsible for ourselves and God is always there. I suffers
an insulin reaction on the freeway. I was involved in three accidents
covering about nine and one-half miles. I totalled my car and now my
insurance monthly installment is as much as my car payment. Is this God's


I am very much in agreement with you on this!  I don't think you can "have
it both ways"...either God is "in charge" & therefore gets the credit for
the good things, & equally the blame for the bad, or the human being who
made the choices gets the blame for the bad....& also, the credit for the
good!  Now I'm not saying that the trith of who is deserving of this
praise/blame cannot lie in between - shared by both God & man...in fact,
that makes a LOT more sense to me than do either of the other two choices.

I believe we were given free will...by whatever God or gods we believe
created us.  With free will comes responsibility - that entails making
choices that will take us in whatever direction we are going.  If I test
before I drive, see that I'm low, & treat it accordingly, & drive safely -
that is my choice.  If I don't, & end up causing an accident - that too was
a result of my choice.  The thing is (& this lies at the core of many
spiritual mystery traditions), either of those scenarios could end dozens of
different other ways...the sun could get in my eyes or I could swerve to
avoid an animal in the road & still cause that accident, with a BS of 120.
I could as easily manage to drive safely for fifty miles with a BS of 40...&
no, that is not at all impossible, I know people who've done it...whether it
seems an intelligent choice or not.  These kind of circumstances are not so
explainable in our terms...so we seek the answers in a spiritual format.  If
it works (as it does for many) to believe that "God's grace saved me"...then
that's fine for those who believe it.  Part of that mystery for some
includes the fact that God can be creditted with the good & humanity is
responsible for the bad.  My way of seeing things requires more balance than
that.  The belief system I follow is very much based on
self-responsibility - it is not the job of the gods to get me out of
situations  I have created myself, it's my job.  I'm not angry with them if
I do what I'm supposed to do & all does not seem to go as planned...I firmly
believe that there is a reason for everything - I just don't always get to
know at the time what it is, & I don't always have a way to make sense of it
in human terms...that's okay.  Most think that seem inexplicable when they
happen are for reasons that become clear in time.

I know that some of this sounds remarkably similar to the doctrines of many
of my Christian friends that espouse "it's part of God's plan" & (something
else posted on here today)  -
"in Rom 8:28 paul didnt promise that all circumstances and events would be
explained,if indeed,we could comprehend the explanation.instead he promised
that "all things work together
for good to those who love God,to those who are called according to His
purpose".i believe God
reveals Himself in his plans,and his way in His time"

No, I'm not a follower of Christianity...but I do accord it a lot of respect
for the wisdom to be found in many of the teachings found therein.  These
teachings are so very much reflective of the ones found in my own spiritual
tradition...in many ways, we are all far more alike than we are different.
I'm enjoying hearing the various viewpoints on the way our diabetic world
can be brought into a spiritual framework...thank you everyone, for sharing
who you are!

Brightest Blessings,

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