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Re: [IPr] Spiritual growth

I have read all of Shirley McLaine's books. I believe in reincarnation and feel she has expressed her beliefs well. However, it is not for me to judge what she believes. If it is working for her, and it definitely seems to be, then it is good. I also have read the Celestine Prophecy and its follow up. I think there are spiritual truths there. I have read the Neale Donald Walsche Conversations With God and Friendship With God and the teachings mean so much to me that I am working toward being a Master Teacher of this material. I find it liberating and enlightening. The organized church would prefer us not to follow these teachings because they wouldn't have guilt to hold over us and keep us comming and, most important, lining their pockets. God dwells within each of us and is never separated from us. Jesus said, "The Kingdom Of God is within." I don't know how much clear he could have made this. It isn't "out there" or through some person or organization. It is within us, every!
one of us. God is always there and he always loves us. I don't think anyone can read this material and not be moved in some way.

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