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I had a similar experience a couple of years ago.  I was also on my way home
from work, but I had a 30-mile drive into the country.  As I was leaving
town from work, I thought I would get something to eat because I felt my BS
getting low.  However, I was too late.  About the time I made it across town
to the Burger King.  I couldn't figure out how to get into the drive
through.  I circled the restaurant several times weaving in and out of the
parking lot.  From here on, I was in and out over the next hour or so.  I
never made it to the Burger King.  I remember jumping back onto the highway
pulling out and swerving to miss a car.  From there I decided to try and
just get home.  One problem, I couldn't specifically remember how.  I just
remember driving on instinct.  My mind was very hazy.  I only remember one
more instance and that was making a left turn at a red light.  I remember
cars coming at me.  The next thing I remember was seeing my wife after she
came home after me.  Somehow, I had made it home and must've eaten something
when I had gotten there.  I don't remember anything else on that 30-mile
journey.  Talk about God's grace.


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I was just wanting to share an experience that I had with low BS and
driving. A couple of years ago when I was still taking manual injections and
had a really stress full job I did not get out of work on time. ( I needed
to eat on a very strict schedule) I was driving home from work ( a
relatively short distance 5 miles). All of a sudden I found myself in a
strange neighborhood not knowing where I was and how I got there An internal
voice spoke to me as I saw a police car on the side of the road ( pull over
ask for Help said the still small voice said)
so I did I walked up to the police man and told him I was I diabetic and
needed help, he asked my name which I could not remember, but I showed him
my medic alert bracelet which told him my condition and my home phone #. He
called me an ambulance who came and checked my BS which was 22 the
paramedics gave me a Glucose IV drop and kept me until my BS was
75 and then released me to my husband that had made it to my location after
being notified by the police, with the promise that he would feed me
immediately.  I do Believe that the holy spirit and God angeles saved my

God has a purpose, as long as that is not fulfilled we will still be here.

Love and Encouragement,

email @ redacted
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send a DONATION http://www.Insulin-Pumpers.org/donate.shtml