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[IPr] Allie and Guilt

Subj:   Re: [IPr] Allie & Guilt
Date:   8/7/00 5:00:58 PM Central Daylight Time
To: email @ redacted

I am about to go off on a personal ramble....hopefully helpfull...but be 
As I have mentioned before I was diagnosed at 7 and insisted on being 
personally responsible with in the first year of diagnosis.
Due to inherent perfectionist tendencies and a father who is ultra 
perfectionistic, I became keenly sensitive to any numbers outside of the 
ideal. I hated High Blood Sugar so much that I would only eat if my BS was 
low. I eventually developed Anorexia and managed to keep relatively normal 
BS...even though I was not eating.
Guilt and shame plagued me, well into my ealry twenties....I used to scream 
and cry any time my BS was above my ideal numbers.
Not that every diabetic child or young adult will take High BS this 
personally, but there is a strong risk that Diabetic girls will develop an 
eating disorder or at least a disordered relationship with food and their 
body. I know this not only from personal experience, but also due to 
extensive research that I have been involved in regarding the connection 
between diabetes and eating disorders.
The point of all of this is mostly that I hope all parents will keep in mind 
the spiritual and emotional nature of their children. My parents anger with 
high #s certainly did not help me while growing up with Diabetes.
I hope that my thoughts are thought provocking and not offensive!
Thank You Michelle
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