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Re: [IPr] The sucky & spiritual side of D

On 5 Aug 00, at 18:17, gene kropfelder wrote:

> Wow you guys really know how to lift a body up! Rev. Randall, if I lived
> near you, I'd be at your services every day! I don't care that we don't
> share the same denomination, I know we share a "higher" perception of God
> and His plans for each of us.

Unfortunately, I resigned my church a little over 3 years ago - I was a 
bivocational minister, working a full time non-church job to pay the bills
and working in the church as a vocation.  My diabetes (this was in the dark
ages - pre-pump for me) was making it difficult to handle everything. The
church prayed with me and supported me as we tried to figure out what we 
should do next - it took almost six months and during that time period there 
were many answered prayers.  I miss my church, but even now almost 
everyone who was involved in the series of decisions that were made (long, 
long story with several surprises) has confirmed that the church and I 
ended up doing what we should have done...  

Since then I've done some fill-in preaching whenever I get the chance... I've 
had the opportunity to preach in Baptist, Methodist and Disciples churches -
 I once told a friend that I'm in the category of ministers that could be 
called "Have Bible, will preach".  I also work with a couple of parachurch 
organizations (Walk to Emmaus and Chrysalis) leading events for adults and 
teenagers , and then there are my  writings on the Insulin-Pump list and now 
this list...  

I've talked to a surprising number of diabetics face-to-face and over e-
mail and have been glad to have the oportunity to provide an understanding 
ear (or eye) to many concerns that are all to often ignored or misunderstood 
by their local congregations.  It's kind of like a chaplincy  - I don't demand 
that you agree with me on everything and I'm happy to listen and let you 
tell your story and I don't condemn people... and between the main list and 
this one I figure that when I do get to "preach" I'm reaching between two
and three thousand people, many of whom would otherwise not have anyone
addressing their spiritual needs...   

Rev. Randall Winchester
WD4HVA (email @ redacted)
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