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[IPr] Mircacles....

There have been so many small "miracles" in my life. 
And some of them are not so small.  One of my favorite
quotes is "Coincidences are just when God chooses to
be anonymous"

In my two shot of R and N days, I got low one night
(it happened more than once).  I went into my
bathroom, and tested my bg.  I was in the 30's or
40's.  I thought "okay, now it is time for my shot"
and preceded to take somewhere around 15 R and 26 N
(whatever my morning shot was at the time).  I'm
feeling pretty miserable by this point (seeing how low
I was) so I crawled back into bed.  A minute after I
lay down and was drifting into sleep, I realized what
I had just done.  I precede to get out of bed, double
treat my low, and eat breakfast(at 2 am).  Although I
felt pretty icky the next day, I was fine.  I thank
God that He was there, and I did get myself out of bed
and eat.  I hate to think what could have happened. 
>From then on, I've always kept my meter away from my
insulin (like in a different room, I was so in the
habit: test, inject, wait 30 minutes to eat, I think I
just went on "automatic" that night every though it
wasn't the right time to).


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