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Re: [[IPr] Re:I must have a guardian angel]


How scary that had to have been for you! I too have had diabetes for 29 years
and have hypoglycemia unawareness. Thank God my sugar has not went that low in
a long time but I have frequent times when it goes down to the
40's and I am not aware of it until I start to see lights and almost pass out.
I am so glad that the angels were watching out for you and rest assured they
were there although you did not see them. Sometimes God uses people here on
earth like the piano teacher.

In May of this year I had a similar experience in the ER. I have autonomic
neuropathy which causes my blood pressure to drop when I stand up and move
around and this time it was compounded by severe dehydration from
gastroparesis ( isn't good for my kidney failure either , my BUN went up to
139). Anyways the ER resident that they assigned to me was in his 1st yr of
residency and had never seen an insulin pump and did not not understand much
about the BP flucuations. He ordered the 2 male nurses
to take a BP with me lying,sitting,and standing. When we got to the standing
part I instantly got very faint, nauseous and felt like the life was being
squeezed from my body. Thank God my husband was there to hold me up and force
the nurses who were still stubbornly trying to get that BP reading to let me
lie back down. I was dying and I knew it and my husband knew and I remember
hearing the nurses say "wow, I can't get a pressure on her, I've never had
that happen like that!" Although I knew as I laid in my hospital room later
that I almost died, I reflected on the same thoughts you had- that I did not
see a tunnel, lights, or hear any heavenly voices. I came to the conclusion
that it was simply not my time to leave this earth and was thankful that God
spared my physical life. I was given spiritual life 23 years ago and my faith
is still anchored in Jesus.

I have had other close brushes with death, the closest being when I was
finally diagnosed at age 12 but that is a long other story. One of my favorite
quotes is from Jonathan Livingston Seagull- " Here is one way to tell if you
have fulfilled your mission in life- If you are still here you haven't".... If
it is our time to go we will and I believe that we will know it when the time
comes. I enjoyed your story and hope that you are doing well, April 

email @ redacted wrote:
>     Earlier, someone asked if we could share any spiritual experiences we
> related to diabetes.  Well, in January '99 for the first time in 28 years of

> IDDM, I lost consciousness.  Somehow I managed to snack, bolus and get in
> car without checking my blood sugar.  I took my 8 yr. old daughter & her 
> friend to the park for about an hour.  I somehow "knew" that I needed to get

> home, but I don't remember driving the 1/2 mile home.  As I pulled into the

> driveway, the friend's parent pulled into the driveway to pick up their 
> child.  I remember hearing their voice, but I never saw them.  Within a 
> minute, my daughter's piano teacher pulled up and I collapsed in a heap in
> driveway (the piano teacher didn't know I was diabetic & thought I might be

> drunk!).  The piano teacher pulled my car keys from my hand & with my 
> daughter's help, got me inside the house.  She found my husband's work phone

> # posted on the refrigerator, but couldn't find the telephone (a cordless, I

> left it upstairs).  She ran outside and got her cell phone from her car and

> hailed a neighbor pulling into their driveway.  My husband told her to call

> 911, see if I would drink some Sprite & he was on his way.  All this
> about 5:30 pm.  The paramedics arrived and gave me IV glucose & said my
> sugar was about 20 mg/dl!   I have no memory of any of this, but I remember

> hearing people talking & wondering who all the strangers were in my house. 

> My husband got home about 5:40 & saw me sprawled on the couch, white as a 
> ghost, my face looking "flattened out".  
>        Finally I started coming around about 6:05 PM, and I slowly realized

> what was happening from the paramedics asking me if I knew what day it was? 

> My response was hilarious to me.  I said "You mean I almost died and I
> get to see the tunnel, the white light, or even leave my body?"  I woke up 
> feeling cheated!  My heart was doing an arrhythmia that needed to be 
> monitored, so I was taken to the hospital ER.  I was still "spacey" for 
> another hour, but I was with it enough to ask my doctor if I was getting a 
> Lidocaine drip? (I have been a hospital pharmacist).  I was kept overnight 
> for observation.  The staff never tried to take my pump off & my husband 
> brought my purse with my blood glucose monitoring supplies. 
>         I didn't sleep much that night, I was scared to death that I could 
> have killed myself and innocent children driving home from the park.  I
> to myself that I would never get in a car again without checking my blood 
> sugar, and I would pay more attention to my body.  I spent a lot of time 
> talking to the nurse on the night shift, about priorities, life lessons, 
> etc...I kept thinking " How did I drive that car home?"...Somebody had to 
> have been helping me, I think.  
>        I kept hoping I would remember some celestial being telling me 
> Something, but I haven't.  Oh well, that's my story.  I also got a Medic 
> Alert Bracelet the next week, which I had never worn before.  (Too 
> arrogant..."I've never passed out").  Anyway, I hope this never happens to 
> anyone else but it still pays to always be prepared.  I know their is a 
> reason I'm still here, one reason is probably for my kids.
> Take care,
> Anne Morris              
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