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[IPr] Re:I must have a guardian angel

    Earlier, someone asked if we could share any spiritual experiences we had 
related to diabetes.  Well, in January '99 for the first time in 28 years of 
IDDM, I lost consciousness.  Somehow I managed to snack, bolus and get in the 
car without checking my blood sugar.  I took my 8 yr. old daughter & her 
friend to the park for about an hour.  I somehow "knew" that I needed to get 
home, but I don't remember driving the 1/2 mile home.  As I pulled into the 
driveway, the friend's parent pulled into the driveway to pick up their 
child.  I remember hearing their voice, but I never saw them.  Within a 
minute, my daughter's piano teacher pulled up and I collapsed in a heap in my 
driveway (the piano teacher didn't know I was diabetic & thought I might be 
drunk!).  The piano teacher pulled my car keys from my hand & with my 
daughter's help, got me inside the house.  She found my husband's work phone 
# posted on the refrigerator, but couldn't find the telephone (a cordless, I 
left it upstairs).  She ran outside and got her cell phone from her car and 
hailed a neighbor pulling into their driveway.  My husband told her to call 
911, see if I would drink some Sprite & he was on his way.  All this happened 
about 5:30 pm.  The paramedics arrived and gave me IV glucose & said my blood 
sugar was about 20 mg/dl!   I have no memory of any of this, but I remember 
hearing people talking & wondering who all the strangers were in my house.  
My husband got home about 5:40 & saw me sprawled on the couch, white as a 
ghost, my face looking "flattened out".  
       Finally I started coming around about 6:05 PM, and I slowly realized 
what was happening from the paramedics asking me if I knew what day it was?  
My response was hilarious to me.  I said "You mean I almost died and I didn't 
get to see the tunnel, the white light, or even leave my body?"  I woke up 
feeling cheated!  My heart was doing an arrhythmia that needed to be 
monitored, so I was taken to the hospital ER.  I was still "spacey" for 
another hour, but I was with it enough to ask my doctor if I was getting a 
Lidocaine drip? (I have been a hospital pharmacist).  I was kept overnight 
for observation.  The staff never tried to take my pump off & my husband 
brought my purse with my blood glucose monitoring supplies. 
        I didn't sleep much that night, I was scared to death that I could 
have killed myself and innocent children driving home from the park.  I swore 
to myself that I would never get in a car again without checking my blood 
sugar, and I would pay more attention to my body.  I spent a lot of time 
talking to the nurse on the night shift, about priorities, life lessons, 
etc...I kept thinking " How did I drive that car home?"...Somebody had to 
have been helping me, I think.  
       I kept hoping I would remember some celestial being telling me 
Something, but I haven't.  Oh well, that's my story.  I also got a Medic 
Alert Bracelet the next week, which I had never worn before.  (Too 
arrogant..."I've never passed out").  Anyway, I hope this never happens to 
anyone else but it still pays to always be prepared.  I know their is a 
reason I'm still here, one reason is probably for my kids.
Take care,
Anne Morris              
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