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[IPr] The sucky & spiritual side of D

Wow you guys really know how to lift a body up! Rev. Randall, if I lived
near you, I'd be at your services every day! I don't care that we don't
share the same denomination, I know we share a "higher" perception of God
and His plans for each of us.
    Sammi, I always read your writings and smile and usually even verbalize
a resounding "Yes!" Your warm heart shows through each of your responses!
    Ginny, I'm so glad you stuck-up for this list and shared the importance
of letting head chief Michael, know how much we all appreciate this list!
I'll be praying for you in your trials at present, and please believe that
"this too shall pass."
    Scott & Peter & Anne & Susan, my thanks also to all of you for sharing
your thoughts, fears and opinions. It means a great deal to me, and probably
everyone else, to be let into your lives in such a trustworthy way!
    And finally, in regards to the thread on diabetes as a result of sin:  I
too have experienced this thinking from others and even from myself at
times! But I came to realize that while I sure wouldn't wish this illness on
my worst enemy, it is just that. An illness. Period. And as such, it is up
to each and every one of us to choose how we deal with it. I can learn and
take the necessary time to count foods and sugar content and total carbs, OR
I can pretend I'm free to eat as I please, what I please and take the
consequences for those actions later. Or sooner. I've also stressed myself
over the whys of high bs's when I measured and counted and gave appropriate
insulin boluses, and now just accept that sometimes we just don't know why.
So, just treat it and move on. Much better for my inner emotional state to
say nothing of my spiritual and physical states! On a hospital questionnaire
when I was about 12 and asked how I felt about this disease, I remember
writing in capitol letters, "IT SUCKS!" I still sometimes feel that way, and
I sill cry sometimes when recovering from an unexpected "low" in the middle
of the night, freezing and wet and wondering, "Why God??!" What am I
supposed to Learn from this??! Well, I think I've learned it. "Thank Me for
waking you so you can take a warm shower and eat and recover!" So to Him and
to all of you, THANK-YOU!!!

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