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Re: [IPr] About facing your mortality - long reply (of course!)

Sammi...You always make me think and sometimes cry....I needed it though!
SMILE with tears streaming down my face....
after reading this post I wanted to add some stuff on the Diagnosis, 
MORtality issue!
I was young barely seven so mortality was a really fuzzy issue for me...I 
just got a strong and burning fire inside me that was all about life and 
making the most of it.
I was a philosophical child before then, but I became very deeply spiritual 
after or during my diagnosis. I have always felt a mix of Joy and SOrrow 
about my diagnosis date...it triggered so many wonderful things for me as a 
person, but it also stole the innocence of my child from me in the flash of 
an eye. I was bombarded by facts about complications that most adults could 
not handle and given no emotional or spiritual support. I made friends with a 
number of children with cancer who I rode big wheels up and down the hospital 
hallways with, one of whom died while I was in the hospital. Mortality was a 
profound concept for me as a seven year old and I was bombarded by it and its 
meaning from my fifth to eighth birthday...including my grandfathers death, 
then my baby sister almost dieing, being diagnosed and perhaps over educated, 
and losing a friend in the hospital to cancer. All these things equate to the 
most profound threshold of my life, a coming of age, and a major rite of 
passage. Through all of this I only remember feeling like I was on this earth 
for a reason and no doctor could take that away from me. I talked to 
GOD/Great SPirit/Higher power everyday and new I was not meant to leave this 
earth yet.
Diabetes brought me to a point of metacognition and spiritual development at 
age seven that I may not have ever reached otherwise. SO I am greatful to 
this challenge, even is not always joyful for the obstacles.
Brightest Blessings Michelle
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