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Re: [IPr] SPiritual Everything

Hello All
I have been out of the loop this past week or so.
I am TA-ing and teaching a lab section of my first college course...and I 
have to get up super early. I am just not a morning person, especially since 
if I am going to have a pump or BS problem it will be first thing in the 
morning! Getting up befor dawn when you are a night owl is a spiritual and 
physical test:) I aslo just finished a Statistics class this week which has 
been very hard for this Math phobic...but sometimes one must do things one 
does not want to do in order to achieve ones goals. Any how I am 
rambling....sleep deprivation and relief after a final exam!
    I wanted to respond to the recent inquiries about experiences at the time 
of Diagnosis. My diagnosis and the year leading up to it were very intese and 
I had been having visions of various things the entire year before when I was 
in first grade, I thought I was talking to GOd and seeing ANgels and fairies 
that whole year.
Then my family moved to Michigan from NYC and I went through alot of crazy 
new kid on the block chaos. A few months later my youngest sister was born 
two months early and was in an incubator for two weeks. Then less then two 
months later I started getting very ill. I saw my life flash before my eyes 
everyday for two weeks. I saw my body from outside more then from inside it. 
I had random flashes of white lights and tunnels. I remember thinking NO I 
need to Stay here...I am not leaving yet!
I even told my Mother that I did not want to Die yet. I was scared to sleep 
because my dreams were so intense. Finally I passed out doen a flight of 
stirs and my parents took me to Urgent Care. I remember looking at my body 
from above it and thinking that I was not supposed to be outside of it. 
Physically comatosed...I remember wanting to go to the light...untill the 
Resident at the Hospital became a smart A to my MOther...I which point I 
snapped into my body and told the doctor that he was not allowed to talk to 
my mother that way! I had spiritual visions and experiences thorugh out the 
two weeks I spent in the hospital.
    Thank You ALL
        :) Michelle T.
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