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Re: [IPr] Anyone there????

On 3 Aug 00, at 9:22, email @ redacted wrote:

> is a "good" thing, I think it is confusing for her!  I never want her to feel 
> guilt or shame as a result of her diabetes!  She doesn't feel those over 
> having it, only her blood sugar numbers.  She hates to take it if she fears 
> it is high.  She hates to be asked what it is if it is high.  So if she 
> doesn't tell me, I just check the meter.  I know it is hard for her, and it 
> breaks my heart that she would accept responsibility for something that isn't 
> always her fault.  

Talk to her about what really matters - her!  Make sure that she is getting 
the attention instead of the numbers.  The numbers are nothing more than a 
transient measure that we use to decide what to do next.  Recording the bg 
readings is an important part of collecting enough data to make informed 
decisions about what to do next - but a single high bg value is neither bad 
nor good.  It isn't according to the plan, but it does need to be taken in 
context.  If it's when you've over-eaten, then you learn to either eat less or 
take a bigger bolus.  If it's when you're getting sick, then you learn to take 
more insulin when you start feeling bad and also increase the bg testing. If 
it's for no discernable reason, make a note of that, bolus appropriately and 
go on.  

A moment for some philosophy...  when we accept responsibility for our bg 
we can have difficulty because so much of the time they seem to be beyond 
our control.  We do everything right and get a high reading, we do 
everything wrong and get a low reading...  We seem to be able to influence 
but not control the levels.  When faced with this type of situation we must 
learn patterns and interpret them to begin developing some understanding 
and strategies that we can use to gain some level of control over our bg. 

A few things to remember (and say to yourself many, many times):

1.  I am not a disease with a person attached.  I am a human being of infinite 
worth who is having to deal with a serious medical condition.  Don't call me a 
nameless, faceless "diabetic" but refer to me as a person with diabetes.  

2. I am more than the sum of my bg readings.  I have dreams, goals, and 
aspirations that exist totally apart from any sum or average of my bg 

3. Each individual bg reading is neither good nor bad.  What is good or bad 
is my reaction to the measurement.  I will act appropriately to bring my bg 
into my target range.  If high, I will bolus as needed.  If low, I will eat, 
drop my basal rate temporarily or otherwise attempt to bring my bg into 
the target range.  

4. I am an advocate for myself and others with this condition.  When I 
encourage friends I am reaching out to them and helping them reduce their 
difficulties.  When I celebrate with them we are multiplying our happiness. 
When I ignore others I begin the process of dying.  I will attempt to 
understand that some people have an easier path than I do and others have a 
much more difficult path.  Whatever their path, we are all in a position to 
give and receive encouragement from our colleagues.

5. I will try to listen, to learn and to grow.  I will try to use my knowledge 
to develop wisdom, and my wisdom to benefit others.  Even when this means 
that I have to be nice to some of the misguided or self proclaimed "medical 
experts" I will try not to choke them, hit them or kick them even when they 
really, really deserve all three things. ;-)

6.  I will attempt to maintain a sense of humor in all things.  I will learn to 
laugh first at myself and then to laugh with friends.  This means that I will 
cultivate the practice of not taking myself too seriously.  

Rev. Randall Winchester
WD4HVA (email @ redacted)
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